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I'm a graduate student studying computational cognitive neuroscientist with particular interest human learning and memory. I'm also an artist.


I grew up in Kentucky and went to college in North Carolina, where I was able to foster my dueling interests in art and science. After college, I moved to NYC initially for art, but paid the bills by tutoring math and science. I began exploring educational neuroscience because I wanted to understand how experiences during learning can shape the way we learn and remember, and how this could inform my teaching.

It was with these intestests in learning and memory that I began working for Dr. Daphna Shohamy at Columbia University. There, I studied cognitive and neural mechanisms supporting learning, memory, and decision-making using brain imaging techniques such as fMRI as well as behavioral measures, both in control and patient populations.

Now, I am a PhD student in Dr. Jeremy Manning's lab at Dartmouth College. I have primarily been focused on building brain models as well as exploring the network dynamics related to memory, all while building computational skills and using and developing new techniques.


Dartmouth College - PhD Cognitive Neuroscience

August 2016 - present

Research into modeling brain activity and network dynamics related to memory.

Columbia University Teachers' College- MS Neuroscience and Education

Graduated: May 2014

Thesis work related to dopamine and adaptive memory.

Davidson College - Bachelor of Arts

Graduated: May 2010

I majored in studio art with a minor in chemistry, with a pre-medicine concentraion.



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